School Information

Mission Statement

The mission of the Copeland Academy-- in partnership with students, family, business, community and higher education--is to give students a new opportunity to succeed and to ensure that all students have the skills necessary to become responsible citizens regardless of social, racial, or cultural backgrounds.

Who Are We?

The Copeland Academy, located at the Ola H. Copeland Community Learning Center, is an alternative education program designed to provide educational interventions for students experiencing difficulties with academic, attendance, and/or behavioral issues in traditional school settings.

Program Description

Copeland Academy's educational program is designed to provide experiences which allow students to develop skills for the 21st century and beyond. The educational program, furthermore, is planned to include a variety of opportunities for students to increase their global awareness as well as awareness in civic literacy, health literacy, environmental literacy and business literacy.

Target Audience

Copeland Academy serves students in grades 6-12, who may range in age from 11-21 years old. Students are recommended for enrollment via principal, district hearing officer, parental request, court appointment, and the superintendent (as the board's designee).

School Day

Our school day starts at 9:15 am and ends at 4:05 pm. Doors open at 8:45 am and check in begins.

School Dress

•High school and middle school – dress khaki pants

•Middle school – navy blue polo style shirts

•Pants must be pulled up on the waist at all times

•High school – black polo style shirts

•Shirts must be tucked in at all times

•Belts must be worn- either black or brown belts that buckle

Other information about Dress Code

•Enclosed shoes only

•No sandals, flip-flops, boots (Uggs), slides or house slippers

•No jewelry

•Natural hair color only – No pink, blue, purple, green, red

•No hats or do-rags

•No basketball shorts under pants

•No bookbags or purses

•No makeup, combs or brushes

•No headbands



The Hearing Officer will give you the information about our orientation. Orientation is held at Copeland Academy at 3:00 pm on Wednesday and Thursday.

In lieu of expulsion students are placed in the person program or virtual program.  This decision is made by Mr. Wallace or Mr. Heyward for the virtual program.

Virtual Program

The software for the virtual program is Edgenuity.  Student must complete 100% of the class to receive the credit for high school.  Middle school students will be grade by their work and participation on Edgenuity. 

Students must login to Edgenuity each school day.  Attendance will be taken.  If the student has appointment, sick and etc.  parents will need to send excuse.  The district attendance policy is the same for the virtual program.

Middle School Grades
Middle school student grades will be put in Powerschool per quarter. If the students are not working and completing assignment 0 will be put into Powerschool and turn in for truancy. 

High School Grades
High school students grade will be put in Powerschool once the student has completed the course.  If the students are not working and completing assignment 0 will be put into Powerschool and turn in for truancy. 

Edgenuity Issue
Students can contact the following when they are locked out, ready for a test or other issues.

Help Hours for the virtual program
9:00 am-3:00 pm
Please understand at times we will be in meetings, classrooms or duty.  Please e-mail all for fast respond.  Please understand if you work in the evening or weekend it maybe the next school day before things can be unlocked.

 Example of Student’s Edgenuity Progress