What's Happening at Copeland Academy

Ms. Browning's Career Class
Presenting their career PowerPoint

Week of November 27th

Our Mission:  To provide a diverse and inclusive learning environment for at-risk students.

Focus for the year:  Building Character one step at a time

Character Word of the Month         
        November-Gratitude     December-Humility

Highlights of the upcoming week:
Monday, November 27th –Care Lesson- Gratitude Word Search

Tuesday, November 28th –Care Lesson- Gratitude Jar

Wednesday, November 29th – Care Lesson- Gratitude Pyramid 3:00 pm Orientation

Thursday, November 30th-Care Lesson- Identify Feelings
3:00 pm Orientation

Friday, December 1st –Care Lesson- Character Word-Humility
EOC English II Writing

Upcoming Events:
December 4th-EOC English II
December 5th- EOC Algebra I
December 6th- EOC Biology I
December 7th- EOC US History
December 11th-15th-Virtual EOC
December 11th-15th-IReady

Veteran Day Program

Guest Speaker

Thank you to our Veterans that attended the program

Thank you to Ms. Browning for the Veteran Day Program

Thank you to Dr. McFadden and Mrs. Chambers for everything each of you do for Copeland Academy and the community.


1st Place Winner for RRW contest

College Day

Inside Out Theme

Joy-Mrs. Martin
Fear-Mr. Heyward
Riley-Mrs. Greene
Disgust-Mrs. Fowler
Anger-Mrs. Scruggs

Joy-Mrs. Martin
Riley-Mrs. Greene
Sadness-Ms. Dawkins
Anger-Mrs. Scruggs
Disgust-Mrs. Fowler